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PEOPLE USE HYPOCARE TO CLEAN & FLUSH WOUNDS AND INJURIES AS WELL AS STUBBORN FUNGAL INFECTIONS"WHAT IS HYPOCARE?Hypocare is a revolution in infection control. It is a topical application that mirrors the body’s own immune system. Naturally working with the body, it will kill all bacterial, viral and fungal infections on contact.In the Equine world people use Hypocare to clean and flush wounds and injuries as well as stubborn fungal infections, such as Ringworm, Mud Fever and Thrush.HOW DOES HYPOCARE MIRROR THE BODY’S OWN IMMUNE SYSTEM?The active ingredient in Hypocare is Hypochlorous acid, which is naturally produced by the body’s own immune system. When a wound or infection occurs in the body, neutrophils, a type of white blood cell are deployed to the site of infection. The neutrophils then engulf the pathogen and produce Hypochlorous acid which kills the bacteria on contact.HOW POWERFUL IS HYPOCARE?Hypochlorous acid is amazing.It is between 80-300 times more effective at killing pathogens than hypochlorite or bleach. It achieves unrivalled killing potential, where surgeons use Hypochlorous to sterilize infected surgical appliances and yet it is incredibly kind to healthy tissue ensuring that it will not slow down the healing process."HYPOCHLOROUS ACID IS BETWEEN 80-300 TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE AT KILLING PATHOGENS THAN HYPOCHLORITE OR BLEACH"DOES HYPOCARE STING?NO. Hypocare has been formulated to emulate skin pH, which makes it work in perfect harmony with the body, meaning it will not sting when applied, harm healthy tissue or slow down the healing process.WHAT ANIMALS CAN HYPOCARE BE USED ON?Any Mammal. In the domestic pet world, a lot of the demand comes from its ability to help maintain healthy and itch-free skin and it is completely safe if ingested, so you won’t need to worry about your pet licking the affected area.