Flexible Back Body Brush XL

Flexible Back Body Brush XL

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The XL Body Brush is an excellent piece of grooming equipment that is made with professional standards of excellence in mind. This is a strong, robust piece that offers a good hold and an assured action, resulting in a fine outcome and finish in your horses coat. This body brush is made with a large, wide form, made to be held firmly in the hand, clutched around the sides and run across your horses body with a confident flow. The XL Body Brush is made in a sort of oval shape, with flat ends to keep a more of a bold, wide surface. A thick back panel is fitted to this brush, a large flat piece that allows the palm of your hand to sit against the back of the brush to hold it flatter against your horses body, making it easier to apply pressure where necessary. This back section is covered in a fine leather that in indicative of the high quality nature of the XL Body Brush. This leather creates a strong outer for the brush, while also forming a thick strap that runs from one side of the back panel to the other. This strap forms a sort of loop that allows your hand to slip inside, sitting in between it and the XL Body Brush to prevent the brush from slipping too much as it is used. Synthetic bristles are fitted in a dense arrangement on the underside of the XL Body Brush, made up of a series of fine knots that create an extremely through action. These bristles are made to run through your horses coat and brush it to a softer texture, while also providing a shine that caps off the grooming process superbly. The XL Body Brush is comes in a Black colour with White inner and Black outer bristles. A Red strap is also fitted, with the brush available in a 192mm x 103mm size.