Dodson & Horrell Sure Grow

Dodson & Horrell Sure Grow

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A scientifically formulated vitamin & mineral pellet for breeding stock of all ages• Bone & Joint Care Package helps control growth rates, glycaemic response & supports correct skeletal development• Digestive Health Package supports digestion & nutrient absorption• Immunity Support Package helps support the immune system• Coat and Hoof Package supports hoof & coat healthSuregrow is a concentrated mineral, vitamin and protein pellet which provides all the necessary micronutrients that are important to a young horse. The high specification formulation means that it can be fed in low quantities to avoid the risk of your youngster becoming overweight.Suregrow provides nutritional support for youngstock which are susceptible to developmental problems. Yea-Sacc is included to support a stable environment in the hind-gut and to help prevent digestive disorders and encourage better feed utilisationThis flexible feed can also be used to feed broodmares which are maintaining weight well but still require essential nutrients in order to produce a healthy foal Nutrient AnalysisEst. Digestible Energy 12.5 MJ/Kg Protein 26.0% Oil 5.0% Fibre 5.0% Ash 14.6% Vitamin A 56,000 iu/kg Vitamin D3 6,000 iu/kg Vitamin E 1,600 mg/kg Copper mg/kg 170 Grams/ 100kg bodyweight (BW) Typical daily amount0-6mths 550g/100kg BW 1.1kg for a 200kg 5mth old foal 6-12mths 350g/100kg BW 1.4kg/ day for a 400kg yearling 12mth-Adult 250g/100kg BW 1.25kg for a 500kg broodmare