Brinicombe Think Mud

Brinicombe Think Mud

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During the winter, most of us have to cope with wet and muddy conditions. Horses exercising themselves in fields, and hanging around in gateways soon turn the ground to a wet sticky mess, and the fact that their skin is constantly exposed to these wet conditions can have detrimental effects.

Skin that is constantly wet will soften, allowing bacteria, such as Dermatophilus congolensis, to penetrate more easily. Many horses do not cope well in such conditions, resulting in an uncomfortable animal which is difficult to manage throughout the winter.

Think Mud is a nutritional supplement, designed to help maintain healthy skin and hair throughout the winter months. By providing specific ingredients such as plant extracts and trace elements it helps to support a healthy immune system, to ensure that the body’s natural repair mechanisms are working efficiently. A combination of antioxidant vitamins, concentrated isoflavonoids and yeast extracts work in synergy to provide the horse with everything he needs for an easy winter.